To do something motivation is vital and comes from instance of something that was obtained. Young generation can do anything with their motivation. Motivation can only be relayed from the seniors of the particular field. Thus proper communication between seniors and juniors is important to share the idea. On this realization, ex-students of the College have formed an alumni association among themselves. Earnestly this association has been lending its co-operation to the College, offering an opportunity of feedback from its successful students of the past, with its gradual enrichment by the addition of more new ex-students of the college. The college approaches this association to extend its goodwill and knowledge towards all-rope betterment of the college. This idea came from the seniors due to their enthusiasm and willingness who are willing to take on the organizational initiative and sustain it. They have shown the interest to sensible nucleus of alumni and friends of the organization to participate in the associations activities.


    Coordinator’s Message:


    Saldiha College’s graduates are its most valuable asset. They are the mentors to today’s students, supporters for higher learning, governance and policy advisors and financial supporters. Benefit of alumni is a long term goal and its rewards go forever. Alumni association keep you informed about Saldiha College’s achievements, challenges, and ambitions for a better world; career services and mentoring opportunities; and access to campus resources, such as the library. Saldiha College Alumni Association is dedicated to facilitating a mutually gratifying lifetime relationship between its members and the College. Please connect with Saldiha College Alumni Association on facebook [https://www.facebook.com/groups/868084179943316/] and know how you can get take advantage of alumni programs, reconnect with classmates, and help Saldiha College in its mission to serve the people. Saldiha College is your College. Saldiha College Alumni Association is your association. I urge you to make the most of your connections.


    Dr. Samir Kumar Mandal, Ph.D.


    Saldiha College Alumni Association


    Purpose of the Association:


    Saldiha College Alumni Association is a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to promote, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship between alumni and the University. Coordinator governs the Association by setting policy, providing guidance for the Association's programs and activities, and represents the interests of alumni to the College. Service is open to any interested alumnus.

    1. To encourage a spirit of devotion of Alumni.

    2. To support the goals of Saldiha College

    3. To strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the Saldiha College.

    4. To promote the general welfare of Saldiha College.



    Saldiha College Alumni Association is committed

    1. To motivate young students by the alumni of the college

    2. To promote current student for enrichment of knowledge through sharing of information

    3. To connect alumni with the current student for carrier development



    To organize reunion, if possible, each year of the ex-students at the college premises for sharing of knowledge. The well recognized student will guide the newly admitted students. The committee is working restlessly to communicate the alumni for their valuable speech on personal experience.




    Once student graduated from this College, they are entitled to be member of the Saldiha College Alumni Association. After the membership an alumnus entitles to participate in all Saldiha College Alumni Association programs, events and activities. So don't miss out – please join us!



     Membership Form & send to alumniassosaldihacollege@gmail.com                                                                                                 



    Click & use the email ID: alumniassosaldihacollege@gmail.com



    Executive Committee:

    1. Patron-in-Chief        :   Dr. Shaikh Sirajuddin, TIC, Saldiha College

    2. Vice-President          :   Prof. Sudip Sahana

    3. Vice-President          :   Mr. Soumitra Mahato

    4. Vice-President          :   Mr. Sodha Sankar Adhikay

    5. Coordinator              :   Dr. Samir Kr. Mandal

    6. Secretary                   :   Dr. Chandan Kr. Pati

    7. Joint Secretary        :   Prof. Rinku Bag

    8. Treasurer                  :   Mr. Mintu Gorai

    Advisory Committee:

    1. Mr. Amitava Pati

    2. Mr. Nishakar Panda

    3. Dr. Ranjit Pathak

    4. Dr. Satyajit Layek

    5. Prof. Subal Mukherjee

    6. Prof. Sridam Mahapatra

    7. Mr. Ramesh Patra

    8. Mr. Asim Pathak

    9. Mr. Bidyapati Pathak

    10. Mr. Ananda Panda

    Technical Committee: Senior members of SCAA


    Organizing Committee: Departmental representative of Saldiha College